Bob Deakin and Colin Edwards


Bob Deakin and Colin Edwards started working together for the simple reason that Bob asked Colin to do him a favour. Bob had set up a studio in his home in North Devon and needed some music to record so that he could demonstrate what the studio could do. Bob and Colin worked in the same department in a college and Bob knew Colin was an active musician so he asked him if he would put some music together and do a few sessions in his studio.

At that time, writing and recording was the last thing Colin was expecting to be doing but Bob and Colin had always got on well, so Colin was happy to help and started putting together some themes to work with.

Although Colin was primarily an electric guitarist he had been developing his fingerpicking skills by revisiting and learning the acoustic Country Blues songs that had influenced him way back, when he started learning to play guitar. He had also played bass guitar many years ago which meant all they needed was a drum machine.

The first session went surprisingly well. Colin had been working with open tunings and developed an acoustic chord progression to work with, which he embellished by fingerpicking. He then recorded a bass track and on top of that, along with a number of electric guitar tracks.

Bob then put a great deal of effort and energy into refining the recording quality of the tracks and developing techniques provided by the new equipment.

The result of that first recording was very satisfying but at that stage it was only an instrumental. What Colin didn’t know was that Bob is a singer and organises a choir that performs in his local church: he has both sung and arranged harmonies for many years. Without telling Colin, Bob wrote some lyrics and recorded those over the top of the instrumental.

Using the same layering technique that had been used for guitars, Bob developed harmonies and backing vocal lines to build up a lush accompaniment to the instruments. Within the lyrics Bob also introduced an underlying theme which gave them a subject area to develop. The result was a strong piece of music and both Bob and Colin realised it had that certain ‘something’ that can’t be planned and only comes along by chance.

It was at that point that they both felt that an opportunity like this could not be wasted and agreed to work on a four track EP developing the themes from the first track over the following couple of years. That first recording became the third track on this EP.

Now that  A Sacred Place has been released and made available, the intention is to release new material from time to time that will  increase their body of work on a song by song basis. New material will not be coming thick and fast but at the same leisurely pace taken when creating on this EP. The quality of the current cohort of songs came about by having no pressures other than wanting to produce the best they can. That is the way they intend to continue.

A Sacred Place is on Spotify, iTunes and other outlets