Project 19-04 *New

This project comprises of one new song that was recorded by Bob Deakin & Colin Edwards on 15 Nov, with Bob looking after the recording process while Colin created the acoustic guitar, lead guitar and bass tracks that he had been developing for some time.

Following on from the recording date, Bob has been working on this project in several ways; firstly, the song really needed words, and so from time to time these have been pieced together and to date, three verses and a chorus, together with harmonies, have now been recorded.

On the production front Bob has also been busy developing his mix/production skills; watching many YouTube videos and discussing techniques with other music producers. In particular the following people, websites and videos have been very useful:

Having acquired more knowledge about the complex job of mixing/mastering, this new project is already showing the benefits, but of course, the final test will be in whether people like the end result. Much more work still needs to be done to reach this important goal however.