Project 19-03: A Sacred Place

Well, its been a long time in the making, but in the past few days a lot of the finishing touches have been worked on that will enable the Bob Deakin & Colin Edwards, EP, ‘A Sacred Place’ to be published. I guess that sounds somewhat grand, but there will be no fanfare or red carpet event, I will simply be uploading the 4 files containing the 4 songs to a digital distributor called, who will then send them on to music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Colin has been busy putting together the artwork that will need to be uploaded while I have been concentrating on putting the songs through the final stages of the mastering process.

Throughout the production of the 4 songs we have made a conscious effort not to rush things and so we are now cautiously exploring this final stage of the process. Once the songs are available on the different platforms we will start some sort of marketing exercise so that people are able to find them.