Why 29CC Music?

One way or another I guess that most of us have dreams, some of which come true from time to time. Well, in some ways, the advent of 29CC Music is a bit of a dream come true, but in so many ways it is a logical progression from a series of events that have taken place in recent years.

I’ve played guitar from the age of 16, (which is now a long time ago), worked with computers from the days of MS-DOS, and over the years I’ve ended up singing on albums for other people, so I for one am now blessed with an opportunity to put all of these elements together by exploiting the power of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

I’m also blessed with having a number of friends who are talented musicians who have not felt able – for one reason or another – to record their songs, vocals or instrumental talent.

I guess that technically 29CC Music could be considered as a “label”, but it really isn’t – it has no commercial aspirations at all. It’s more of a place where friends can make music, get it recorded and enable it to be shared with anyone who is willing to listen.