Hi and …

welcome to the 29CC Music website. If you’ve not been here before you might be wondering why this exists and what it does. Well a picture is worth a thousand words – so they say, so here is a video that was created in projects 17-06, 18-02, 18-04 & 19-03:

In simple terms, therefore, 29CC Music exists to record and publish music for a small group of musicians from a wide range of backgrounds. Yes, 29CC Music contains a small recording studio which can be “hired out”, however, the major focus of its output is working with talented artists on long-term projects.

If you look at the the Artist’s pages I’m sure that it won’t take you long to work out that this website and the organisation, (more than a hobby – but not really a business), is being developed by Bob Deakin.

If you would like any information at all about the projects or artists associated with 29CC Music please e-mail Bob at 66111b@gmail.com.